Board of Governors

The members of the Board of Governors of Cadet College Chakwal are eminent personalities in their respective fields and are associated with Cadet College Chakwal in an honorary capacity.


Lt. Gen Muhammad Afsar (Retired)


Brig Muhammad Ajmal (Retired)

Mrs. Safia Khanam (Chairperson)

Zafar Ali Khan Khattak (Principal CCC for Boys)

Prof Nausheen Akhtar Malik (Principal CCC for Girls)



Raja Liaqat Ali Khan was born at Dhariala Kahun, a village in district Chakwal in April, 1959.

He received his early education from Dalwal School; he passed his school exam with distinction, and his sporting record at the school was also creditable. After the completion of school education, he proceeded to University of the Punjab.

Raja Liaqat Ali Khan started his practical life by establishing Leaderhouse Group of Colleges Chakwal followed by Cadet College Chakwal in 2004. Raja Liaqat Ali Khan was an educationist, humanist and philanthropist. He led a simple life and devoted his entire life to further the cause of education in Pakistan. Truly, he commanded respect and love of his students which was evident during his lifetime, and especially at the time of his departure from this world.

Raja Liaqat Ali Khan breathed his last on 1st September, 2015, and in accordance with his will, he was buried on the soil of Sargojra Gharbi Graveyard Chakwal.


The mission of the College is to impart quality education in conducive environment with emphasis on character-building.


The vision of the college is to develop an institutional quality education in a professional and modern environment, to develop ethics and morality with strong forces for the motherland, Pakistan, to develop positive attitude and to produce best observers, thinkers, learners and leaders, to inculcate a high sense of responsibility with sound moral values to face the challenges of 21st century successfully.



It gives immense pleasure to see a humble beginning in the field of education bearing fruits in the remote and martial District of Chakwal. I bow my head in gratitude to Allah Almighty Who has given us strength and guided us to establish Cadet College Chakwal and turn a dream into reality. I seek Allah Almighty’s guidance to make it one of the leading institutions of the country.

The excellent environment and the custom-built campus provides an ideal rendezvous for the pursuit of knowledge. The effort made by the management to ensure a harmonious and serene atmosphere will go a long way to develop the educational facilities in the area. It is also a praiseworthy example of the contribution of the private sector towards the effort of the government to bring enlightenment to the masses.

I positively look forward to the development and growth of Cadet College Chakwal nto a full blossomed institute of excellence. I pray for the fruition of this budding institute and wish it Godspeed. May Allah Almighty provide sustenance and strength to the efforts of Raja Liaqat Ali Khan whose enlightened and visionary leadership has transformed the educational atmosphere of our country!


It gives me immense pleasure to know that Chakwal now has a Cadet College of its own. It seems a dream come true for the students of this martial area aspiring to join our valiant armed forces with enthusiasm to defend their motherland. Besides, the Cadet College Chakwal will prove to be milestone in the dissemination of quality education at our doorsteps. The management of Cadet College deserves a big thumping for making such a model institute within the reach of all the students of the country.

Education is the cornerstone of a nation’s progress. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) laid great stress on education. The first revelation in the Holy Quran calls on the believers to read and write. The noble effort made by the administration and faculty of this college has finally borne fruitful. The college will go a long way in providing the youth of the country, particularly Chakwal, the best quality education. The college bears an excellent campus with all basic academic facilities. Cadets can look forward to a quality education within their environment.

I wish and pray that this college grows into a bastion of knowledge and literacy, and serves the future generations. May Allah, the most Benevolent, The most Beneficent, guide us in our endeavors to educate our youth in the modern discipline of art and science and lead our country towards the ideals enunciated by our great Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Mrs.Safia Khanam

I thank Almighty Allah for His magnificence and benevolence that provided me the strength to embark on this prestigious project. It has been my life-long endeavor to prepare the youth of this area for the challenges of the future. This institute will develop the qualities of devotion, love, determination and servitude in our generations. Cadet College Chakwal will provide quality based competitive education. Our cadets will gain sound and solid education that will imbibe honesty, persistence and determination in their character. Quality education has always been a cornerstone in the development of nations. It is my desire and ultimate goal to extinguish this thirst.

I hope that cadets attending this college will cherish the year spent here as the most rewarding for their pursuit of knowledge and for their future career. This purpose-built campus has been established to cater for the needs of outstanding students desirous of quality education. Cadet College Chakwal has been established to guide our younger generation to the path of progress and provide the extra care to give personal attention to each cadet to excel in his studies.

I pray for the success of our youth and for the development of education. I seek your help and guidance to make Cadet College Chakwal a truly prestigious seat of learning. I look forward to comments and suggestions as team work ultimately passes off. May Allah Almighty guide us towards the goals to serve mankind!

Zafar Ali Khan Khattak

This is great honour for me that I have been entrusted with the enormous responsibility of organizing and running such a splendid institution. But to achieve the lofty aims and objectives set for the college certainly needs Herculean efforts. I will have to burn the candle at both ends in utilizing all my physical and intellectual resources to accomplish this task.

Under the benign and sagacious supervision of the Chief Executive and with the fullest devotion and confidence from the staff, I feel certain that Cadet College Chakwal will achieve the desired goals much earlier than excepted. The cadets on board will feel surely having their future dreams materialized here.

They will feel pride to have been trained and educated at this majest Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Prof Nausheen Akhtar Malik

I am indebted to Almighty ALLAH Who has bestowed me this opportunity to lead such an august institute which has the honour to be the First Recognized Cadet College for GIRLS in Pakistan. Albeit, Cadet College Chakwal For Girls is nascent so it needs strenuous endeavors to establish it on firm footings. I will leave no stone unturned to provide our students a holistic learning experience for life as visualized by our illustrious founders, Ch Amjid Zia and Raja Liaquat Ali Khan( Late).

Moreover, it is pertinent to mention that it would be plausible to achieve the desired goal under the laudable guidance and supervision of prudent and sapient CEO and with the hard work and commitment of our laborious team members.

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving society of today demands a lot from an individual. The challenges in time ahead would be even greater. CADET COLLEGE CHAKWAL FOR GIRLS has taken this responsibility to equip its students with requisite traits to successfully cope up with upcoming challenges of personal and professional life. Our extra curriculum programs combined with academic syllabus makes sure that what we profess will be achieved during your stay with us. There is a maxim which clearly depicts our ardent desire about the future of students admitted in our college. It reads like this:

"Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish; you feed him for a lifetime."

May Almighty ALLAH endow us with success! Amen!