Admission Policy and Criteria

Admission Policy:

The college will accept cadets in the sixth grade with a minimum of five years of primary education from an authorized institute. Students will be admitted purely on open merit. A written test followed by an interview will be conducted. Successful students will go through a medical checkup. Admission form is stapled inside the prospectus. Further information can be obtained from the College Admin Officer on any working day during working hours.

Testing Criteria:

Applications for admission will be invited through press by the college. Admission will be decided on merit, worked out as follows:

Written Test Oral Test/Interview Total Marks
80% 20% 100%

Class VI to VII:

Written test for this level will include, English, Urdu, General Knowledge and Mathematics . Interview will be a general supplementary test. Medical test to determine overall health of the student will also be conducted.

Class VIII to IX:

Students obtaining 70% or above marks can appear in test. The written test for secondary classes will comprise English, Urdu, General Science and Mathematics , with the usual interview and medical checkup.

Intermediate Classes:

Admission to F.Sc 1st Year will be based on merit test and eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

Group Subject Level
Pre Medical Eng, Chem, Phy, Bio Matric books
Pre Engineering Eng, Chem, Phy, Math Matric books
ICS Eng, Comp, Phy, Math Matric books
Military Science English, Urdu Matric books

The interview will be a general personality overview.

Merit Scholarship:

Merit Scholarships are awarded to the top three position holders of each Board Examinations. These scholarships are for two years of uninterrupted studies with full course load and are equal to the full tuition fee. Continuation of merit scholarships are subject to maintaining Semester and Annual Results.