College Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulation:

Admission in the college is granted only on the condition that the cadet will abide by the college rules and regulations as laid down by the college administration from time to time. Any violation thereof will make him liable to expulsion.

The college will not be held responsible in case of any illness, accident, disability or death while the cadet is on the roll of the college.

A cadet can be expelled from the college on the following grounds:

"Deliberately damaging college property, violating college discipline, using unfair means in examinations, cheating and stealing, containing arms, smoking or using narcotics and drugs, insolent with the staff, harassing juniors, immoral of any kind whatsoever, or any other activity."

However, there are other punishments i.e canning, extra drill, detention, fine etc. for minor offences. Canning will be administered through a joint agreement by the staff and the Principal.

Disgrace of a Cadet:

Any cadet proceeding on leave and not reporting back as per schedule will be fined Rs. 500/- per day. Smoking and use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited.

Discipline Committee:

  • Discipline committee under supervision of Principal will decide about all the issues related to disciplinary matters and its decision will be unchallengeable.
  • Parents / guardians will not be allowed to interfere with the regulations / decisions framed by discipline committee.
  • Charge sheet against any cadet found guilty of any offensive activity will be prepared informing parents / guardians within 3 working days which may result in barring the cadet from re-entry in college or may terminate his career in the cadet college.