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I thank Almighty Allah for His magnificence and benevolence that provided me the strength to embark on this prestigious project. It has been my life-long endeavor to prepare the youth of this area for the challenges of the future. This institute will develop the qualities of devotion, love, determination and servitude in our generations.

Cadet College Chakwal

About Our College

Cadet College Chakwal has been built to meet the educational requirements of this area with centuries-old culture and history replete with military achievements. Chakwal is the hometown of the majority of our valiant soldiers and officers. Cadet College Chakwal has made a modest attempt to provide the requisite educational facilities to the budding heirs of this time-honoured martial area.

Our Mission

The mission of the College is to impart quality education in conducive environment with emphasis on character-building.

Our Vision

The vision of the college is to develop an institutional quality education in a professional and modern environment, to develop ethics and morality with strong forces for the motherland, Pakistan, to develop positive attitude and to produce best observers, thinkers, learners and leaders, to inculcate a high sense of responsibility with sound moral values to face the challenges of 21 st century successfully.

cadet college chakwal