All cadets are required to be dressed up in proper uniform. No cadet will be allowed to attend the college or classes without proper dress. The college uniform shall be as under:-

  • Khaki Shirt
  • Khaki Trousers
  • Shoulder title with house color
  • DMS Shoes


The college offers a large well-equipped library of its own. There is a sufficient collection of books covering a good deal of subjects of students’ interest and benefit. Moreover, the library offers books of short stories, novels and general knowledge to inculcate the habit of reading among the students. The library provides a peaceful study environment in a well-equipped spacious hall.


This is the age of technology. No nation can even think of making progress without computer. A high-tech, well-equipped computer lab with internet facility has been established. Each student will have a separate computer. Highly qualified staff in computer technology has been appointed to equip the students with computer literacy.


Cadets’ residential hostels are called houses namely Jinnah House, Iqbal House and Ghaznavi House. Administration of the houses is run by respective House Masters and Assistant House Masters. House Masters are the faculty members who are given additional responsibility of House management. Their accommodation is attached with the respective House to ensure consistent supervision of the cadets. House activity is bound with a prescribed schedule where concerned staff ensures proper mustering of the cadets, dress regulations, discipline, punctuality for classes, games, preparatory periods, rest and prayers etc. Inter-house literary and sports competitions are held to enhance the cadets’ individual skills and comradeship.


College has a spacious mess where cadets dine during meal timings, Sufficient space and staff is incorporated provide food to the cadets. A faculty member is incharge of Dinning hall and is termed as the Messing Officer. The Messing Officer along with the committee ensures provision of meals according to an approved Menu.


A number of outdoor sports facilities like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton and Cricket have been completed whereas a Saddle Club is planned to developed in the near future.


There is the availability of a finely built canteen to give refreshment to students and staff. Fresh items of food, tea and cold drinks are served in quite hygienic conditions.


The College has its own dispensary stocked with necessary medicines and equipment. A medical specialist is hired on daily terms from DHQ Hospital Chakwal. A nursing assistant has to be present in the college round the clock to look after minor diseases of the students. Regular first aid is provided to the students in the college. Patients who require specialized treatment are referred to the DHQ Hospital Chakwal.


The college is well-equipped with fully furnished, dustless, gleaming, spacious and clean science laboratories. The latest equipment has been arranged and installed in these laboratories.